Video intro in .gif form


Made a new intro slate for AtlanticLIVE videos.  First ever After Effects project.


My oblivious father

My dad has taken on photography in his retirement.  I have very few memories growing up of him without a camera.  Only made sense that once he got the time, he’d invest it in a passion.

That said, dude needs to look up from the lens from time to time.  He missed some crazy things happening on his trip to Death Valley.


Thatcher Puns

These came from a quick Photoshop Battle on Facebook between a handful of media nerds and comedians around the release of The Iron Lady.

Thatcher-In-The-RyeThe Thatcher in the Rye



Rejected Beer Labels

Every year or so, my homebrewer brother asks me to come up with a label for the new beer he’s working on.  Two years ago, he emailed me about a 10% ABV behemoth he was calling “Assumption of Risk.”

Assumption of Risk

After a bit of back and forth, we came to this design.

I loved the final product but would be lying if I said it was my first choice.  There was plenty of back and forth about inspiration, imagery, and (most of all) font choice.  Below are the two themes we nixed but wanted to keep filed.

Assumption of WhiskeyFirst one I slapped together for this.  If we went with the Russian Roulette theme, the whiskey could have been turned into beer fairly quickly.

mike tysons assumption of riskThis was my vote all the way. (Note the ABV in the green bar up top)